About @Network

Introducing networking with WomEng@Network

WomEng @Network is a division catering for engineering professionals. The aim of the division is two-fold; to create a platform for industry networking and to start opening dialogue and discussions on pertinent topics within the engineering environment. Furthermore, WomEng @Network has provided workshops for young engineering professionals.

Building up a network is important for any person or business. Networking involves forming and maintaining a strong circle of contacts – it’s all about relationships! Over the last five years, WomEng has been building successful networks. We have established the connection with high school students through GirlEng, and have guided female engineering university students from the WomEng Fellowship into the engineering industry. It was time to take these women beyond university and provide a platform for women in the engineering industry to network. This is where @Network fits into the WomEng pipeline!

Under this program, WomEng also hosts a premium function for in the form of a Networking Cocktail Function. The purpose of this event is two-fold: marketing and networking.

Happy Networking!