Mbalenhle Chamane

Discipline: Electrical Engineering

Institution: University of KwaZulu Natal

Year: 2nd

Year of graduation: 2015 

Hobbies/ Interests: poetry, indoor sports , reading     

What do you think is the role of a mentor? A mentor is in a way a support system for a mentee they provide guidance ,motivation, emotional support and also to help them solve problems but most of all they are role models. 

Why do you want to be a GirlEng mentor? I would like to encourage engineering girls to be confident and passionate about what they want to do and to provide positive feedback on how it feels to be a female in this field of work. I would like to guide them as someone with a bit of experience on identifying problems and help them find solutions both personally and academically. More than anything I would also like to learn things from them and the people at SAWomEng, to offer and take constructive criticism and to develop my mentees in becoming strong individuals despite any influences. I want to have a positive impact in these young minds , to be dependable and be able to cater to their different needs. I would also like for this opportunity to be more than a learning experience with more enjoyment for both parties , to show them how engineering can be an exciting and life change experience if you let it. 

Words to live by: I walk here not by accident but by fate , and by faith I will leave here a success.... 


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