Chipo Chimhundu


Chipo is the Mentorship Director of South African Women in Engineering (SAWomEng). She leads the team which addresses the mentorship needs of young women considering, pursuing or practicing engineering. She is a qualified electrical and computer engineer and is a masters candidate in biomedical engineering. Her master’s degree research focus was in medical imaging and she has a special interest in children and women’s health. Chipo also has a passion for teaching and mentoring; she has a record of mentoring first year engineering students, she has tutored digital electronics to engineering students and has tutored quantitative literacy to humanities, law and medical students at the University of Cape Town.Diligent, honest and disciplined are three words that perfectly describe her. She easily adapts to and thrives in any working environment but her patience and empathetic nature are the reason she has a preference for people-oriented environments. She envisages herself being part of the team which pioneers the growth of healthcare technology management in third world countries.